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Matt Jensen

Feel free to poke around and have a good look at everything.

Here’s a bit about me

I am a great many things. Professionally I am a designer and a developer. Personally, it can't be as easily summed up, so here's some colorful adjectives instead. I take any challenge I think I can reasonably solve and just make it happen. I am dependable and honest. Compassionate and helpful. I am quirky, fun, intelligent and friendly. I could go on and on but I would rather you get to know me for yourself!

Here’s some pseudo-metrics

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What I do


I have an ever growing knowledge of development for the web. Beyond the standard things like semantic HTML paired with JavaScript, I also have a good working knowledge of PHP and WordPress development. Sprinkle some MVC, SQL, and .NET on for good measure and I think I am off to a pretty solid start.

User Experience

Putting the user first is something very important when you are designing or developing an interactive experience. How does it feel? Is it a pleasure to interact with? How easy is it to learn? These are the questions I ask myself on every project.


I’ve always had a decent eye for design. Branding. Logos. Layouts. It’s all something I enjoy a lot. Even more than that, I like the challenge of taking something visual and bringing it to life with CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery.